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Detective agency PROTECTA Belgrade is the first licensed detective agency in Serbia, established in 2001. We hold all necessary certifications and adhere to both domestic and international standards of the detective profession. With over two decades of successful practice, we have published numerous scientific publications and books in the fields of detective work, corporate security, and private security. We have actively participated in the drafting of all laws related to private security in the Republic of Serbia. We collaborate with colleagues, private detectives, worldwide.

Protecta Detective Agency Belgrade

Specialized detective services

• Missing persons search and Asset recovery
• Corporate security and investigation
• Industrial and intellectual property protection
• Due diligence
• Business Intelligence
• Background check
• Investigation of incidents of workplace violence and breaches of professional discipline
• Investigation of potential misuse of sick leave entitlements
• Crisis management
• Risk Assessment and Risk Management
• Detection and removal of unlawful surveillance and wiretapping activities
• Polygraph testing (lie detector examinations)

Our detectives, boasting decades of expertise in both public and private security sectors, assure comprehensive provision of essential information and solutions tailored to your needs.
For over two decades, we have offered our clients around-the-clock access to professional and confidential detective services, ensuring support is available 24/7/365.
Place your personal and business security in the hands of skilled professionals adept at navigating and neutralizing a wide range of threats and challenges.
“Trust is good, but control is paramount," goes the old saying. Our global clientele's satisfaction and our track record of flawless service stand as compelling reasons for you to entrust us with your confidence.

Detective Agency PROTECTA Belgrade is a unique team dedicated to ensuring complete business security.

Protecta across borders

For two decades, we have been the leading investigative unit in Serbia and the Balkans. During these years, we have extended our services beyond the region’s borders through our partners, offering global solutions with local expertise.

Protecta A team of specialist and experts dedicated to excellence

In addition to experienced private detectives with rich backgrounds in the security industry, our team includes experts in polygraph testing, forensic specialists, psychologists, and lawyers. This diversity emphasizes that there is no situation our experts haven’t previously encountered, ensuring they will respond with their extensive training and expertise.

The Principles of professional detective work

During their tenure at PROTECTA, each of our operatives continuously undergoes specialized training and courses both domestically and internationally. This commitment ensures we are fully prepared to meet the evolving challenges of our field, while upholding the principles of ethics, lawfulness, trust, and fairness.
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